Men are perpetually perplexed by this question. They always assume that women are such complicated creatures that it is nearly impossible to ascertain what women want most in relationships. However, it isn’t all that hard. We interview thousands of women who are looking for committed relationships and there are certainly some common denominators.

1) Women want a man who is confident. All women want a man they can look up to, a man they can respect, and a man that makes them feel safe. Confidence…not arrogance, not dominance, and not macho heroics. It is a willingness to face life struggles without being shaken and an “I can handle anything” attitude.

2) Women want to feel cherished and adored. All women want to have a man that makes them feel special. They want to know that he appreciates her for the unique individual that she is. This is why listening is so important to women. If you can listen intently to her, you can find what makes her special and that will give you all the clues you need to win her over. Remember that women are emotional creatures and how you make her feel when she is with you is paramount.

3) Women want a man who can make them laugh. Having a sense of humor and the ability to make her laugh is one of the most appealing qualities you can have. Women like men with a positive attitude and who can find humor in day to day activities. It makes them relax more around you, shows them your positive attitude, and also shows them that you will always be able to lift their spirits when life gets them down. For a woman, that is a very sexy attribute.