• We Will Show You Potential Matches Before You Join

Because of a large and experienced recruiting staff, we are continually adding to our database to ensure we have the women you want to date. 


• Our Women Are Pre- Screened.

At The Dating Source, every woman you meet will have been screened by our recruiter and/or matchmaker. We only accept the best and most beautiful.


• We Are Selective About Our Clientele.

We will only accept you as a client once we meet you and know we can happily match you with women who meet your criteria. A huge part of our elite dating business is referrals. Therefore, we will not take your money if we don’t mutually agree that our agency is the proper venue to fulfill your relationship goals.


• Your Membership Fee Goes Completely Toward Services We provide You.

 The money you pay us goes solely toward recruiters and matchmakers to find you that special woman. We even engage you with relationship coaches if necessary as part of your fee. Anything that helps you reach your ultimate goal of getting and sustaining the type of relationship you want is our sole focus.


• We Make It Convenient For You.

Experience has shown us that all of our clients are very busy. That is why you’ve contacted us. It isn’t that you aren’t meeting women. You simply aren’t meeting the quality of women you want. So, while you are running your corporation, or taking care of the business you are in, we will come to you at a convenient time. If after work or weekends are best, then that is when we will schedule your appointment. We find it more productive to work with you on your schedule.