Things That Can Score Points With A Woman On A Date

Things that can score points with a woman on a date

Things that can score points with a woman on a date

There are a few things that really make a guy stand out above the rest of the competition, and they are very simple. Lets talk about some things that can score points with a woman on a date. Chivalry at times seems to be a thing of the past, but women still love an old-fashioned gentleman. It might sound silly to mention this, but many men, especially younger ones, don’t think about this.

Guys, listen up… please walk a lady to her car. It shows that you are a gentleman and care about her safety. On the same subject, I heard a story from a gal who had a lovely dinner with a guy; she really liked him and was sorry that the evening was ending. They walked outside to the valet, and her date asked her, “Do you have your ticket?” Thinking that he was going to take it from her and take care of it, she held it up for him. But instead, he just said, “Good,” and then proceeded to get into his car and drive off! He realized what he had done the next day and apologized over the phone, but it had made a negative impression on her. Paying a woman’s valet ticket is very considerate and a nice touch. Plus, so few men do it, that you will stand out among the rest!

A woman wants to feel special, and she has usually put in a lot of effort to look nice for you, so be sure to compliment her on her outfit or hair. You can’t go wrong.

And speaking of looking nice, but sure that you look polished. Especially you more mature gentlemen. Take a good look in the mirror. Do you have run away nose hair hairs or Groucho Marx eyebrows? Do your teeth need whitening? Could your wardrobe use an update? Shoes need a polish? How are your nails?  Make sure your ducks are in a row, because first impressions matter!

If you have hit it off on the phone, and are really looking forward to the date, showing up with flowers or a little gift is a winner.

~ Happy Dating!

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