The Harm In Having A Crush On A Coworker

The harm in having a crush on a coworker


A large number of people do meet and date through work. After all, we spend at least eight hours a day with people we are paid to be with in a place that we often daydream about leaving. What is the harm in having a crush on a coworker ?

I have heard that more people die on Monday mornings than any other time. You often hear people exclaiming “TGIF!” (Thank God it’s Friday). Five o’clock — especially five o’clock on Fridays — are often employees’ favorite time of the day. If you are not fortunate enough to own your own business or be utterly passionate about your job at the office, a little excitement and diversion can be extremely attractive.

That hot guy who works down the hall or in the next cubicle, or your manager at the restaurant you work at suddenly catches your eye, you start flirting, then go out after work for a drink with the gang that turns into drinks alone after work, and then… well, you get the picture.

Work becomes more exciting, and you no longer dread going in, but actually get excited deciding what to wear each day. All of that is just dandy until it all goes terribly wrong. Now, some of you reading this are currently either seeing someone happily from the office or have done so in the past with no repercussions. Thank your lucky stars, because it is all too easy for things to go the other way.

So what’s the harm in having a crush on a coworker ? If it doesn’t work out between you, life at work can get very uncomfortable. You will once again be watching that clock for quitting time! Or even worse, you could lose your job.

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