It’s Never Too Late To Start Dating

It is never too old to start dating


Some people subscribe to the idea that dating is for young people. Let me assure you that could not be further from the truth. It is never too old to start dating.

Love has no age limit! My own aunt met her finance at the age of 57. She had been married for 30 years, then my uncle died. She eventually decided that she didn’t want to be alone, so she went online and met a great guy while in her early 50’s. They had a 3-year relationship with him, then when that didn’t work out, she went back online and met her current fiance. He is a wonderful man and they couldn’t be happier together.

I have also matched an 86-year-old male client after his wife passed away to a wonderful woman, and they are happy as clams. He is quite wealthy and they enjoy an amazing lifestyle of travel and enjoying life. Sure, it’s more   challenging to find someone with whom you can really get along with after a certain age, but there is no reason to believe that there is an age limit on love or companionship. Stay active, curious, keep your look current, try to stay as fit as possible and there’s no reason you can’t find love again.

And don’t worry about lying about your age to attract someone, And it is never too old to start dating. Check out my article on how that can backfire.

~ Happy Dating. xo

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