If He Is So Great Then Why Is He Still Single ?

If he is so great then why is he still single


Many times, as a professional matchmaker, when I call up a gal to tell her about a guy that I have in mind for her, she will say, “Hmmm, if he is so great then why is he still single ?” Oh boy, I have to tell you that this question really gets me going! Just because a man might be gorgeous, wealthy, dynamic, and have a great sense of humor does not guarantee that he had time for or has found the right woman yet. He still has to go through the dating process, weeding through and trying on different hats to find the right fit.

Many wonderful men out there are just plain busy. If they are successful financially, they are working their buns off. By the end of the day, they might go to the gym, go home, heat up a frozen dinner, watch the news, hit the hay, get up and do it all over again. Actually, that sounds a lot like my life (except the frozen dinner). We are all working incredibly hard.

When I met my husband, he was forty-one and had never been married. For me it was a real treat, since I had been married twice already and had enough baggage to open a luggage shop. He was forty-three when he married me, and I feel very special because there were several women who had tried to pin him down over the years. But he was waiting for me, and that all comes back to timing.

And also, don’t forget, he could ask me the same thing about you. After all, you’re attractive with a sparkling personality, but also single.

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